1970 Plymouth Superbird
1970 Plymouth Superbird, This birds been parked in a barn for years. The farmer says " NO it's not for sale". Great Rusty Ride picture, sent in from one of our members. Thanks!
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opschief3537  - December 19, 2012
Where is this bird wasting away???
spencerdk6  - May 5, 2012
Please explain why it is ok to have it waste away
dragonknight1  - November 11, 2011
the car is worth between 62 grand and 225 grand depending on, engine and options a low hemi went for 80grand the same color as this one a plain 440 went for 61 grand. would love to have this one what ever engine she has
moparmainiac  - February 23, 2011
people just have no heart and no idea what this car is worth, such a shame to see it sitting there waiting for the car gods to call it home
ace120  - February 1, 2011
I have a buddy that would give his left... eye tooth for this car!
58chevyguy  - July 2, 2010
My dad had a chance to buy one of these in the 80s for $3,500! Daytona front end, spoiler the works. He's still kicking himself about it. These are one of my all time fav cars!
delorean1111111111  - June 14, 2010
That is the same kind of car Richard Petty raced in. I also see the big spoiler on the back of the car
texaskidd66  - March 15, 2010
restored price....i could retire in..Fiji??
metallicafan88  - March 6, 2010
this one is in better condition then the one before this pic
novanut74  - January 3, 2010
Is it in escrow or what"s the problem
corsa65  - July 12, 2009
the price of over $100,000 news hasn't got to the farmer yet
nhpaul  - May 25, 2009
Not for sale because somebody thinks they can singlehandedly control the SuperBird market in their favor more than likely.Once they pass on it will probably be snapped up fast.
my406cid80fb  - December 17, 2008
Where is this beautiful Bird? I would tow it like I stole it!
4wheelsandaseat  - July 11, 2008
This just in .... A farmer was found shot to death yesterday....
oldjalopy  - May 23, 2008
Wow! This is a great find. Hope it gets back on the street some day.
link67  - May 12, 2008
mph  - April 7, 2008
this is buy far the greatest find on this site!!! unreal, these photos give me chills!!!
myhot56kustom  - March 22, 2008
holy schneikees,bustitskipp says fix it?????
busterskippyrastess  - January 20, 2008
fix it
shadetreeclassic  - December 27, 2007
its a shame to see this bird jusst nesting like that.if this farmer is wanting to restore her I would like the oppertunity to help. I own the shop and do the resturations my self. I am currently restoring a 1964 plymouth fury that I rescued from the crusher.
ryck  - December 20, 2007
wow, it looks in amazing decent shape for the condition of where its sitting. i need to store some things... wonder if he'd let me bring them out to store them on this bird?
goatfarm  - December 11, 2007
Ran into one of these in a shed at my wife's 20th class reunion. If I can get the pictures on my computer I'll post them.
novaman  - November 9, 2007
cool ride man
spency  - September 24, 2007
I have to that is an awseome car! and if had it i would not sell it either and if he's going to restore it Good luck and buckle up
atlaloire  - August 2, 2007
I would have cried if I was the one to talk to that farmer about buying it, heck I almost did by sheer fact it's such a big waste of such a beautiful baby to be locked up in a garage being nothing but a waste of storage space. *sniff*
xrider  - July 28, 2007
How dare you misstreat such an amazing creation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
roadrunnerlover  - July 26, 2007
Poor bird, deserves a better life.
submack  - July 10, 2007
Remember when these winged warriors were new....the dealers had a hard time selling them at all.
dealen12  - June 14, 2007
Mopars are not meant to be an extra shelve to put stuff on,my stomach hurts to see this...
chevellegirl  - June 9, 2007
that car is just screaming some one please love me ....drive me ....make me beautiful.
ta7pac  - June 7, 2007
what a cool ride
paintgodjer  - May 27, 2007
money in the bank
mph  - April 11, 2007
She will...
panelguy  - April 10, 2007
hopefully it'll fly again someday...
ibleedformopar  - April 5, 2007
As sad as these photos are, it serves as a good reminder that at one time, they were just cars. Not investments to be kept hidden away.
jocko13  - April 4, 2007
if that guy new what he had he would probally spend the $500 to get it to barret jackson. somebody better save it!!!!
bearcuda  - March 30, 2007
Insane that cars like this can still be sitting and treated like this.
musclecarkid5574  - March 25, 2007
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Created: May 02, 2008 By: oldride
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