1950 Pontiac Catalina
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captainmudflap  - May 21, 2015
'59 Poncho 2-dr. H.T. w/ a "cobbled-up" '67 "Stinger" Corvette scoop! :P
legratrodder  - April 24, 2012
I like old Ponchos. They are big and heavy, but ran like a hot rod right out of the factory. I lost a high school friend when he hit a tree with a '58. Police said he was doing over 100 mph. It barely was hitting it's stride. Sad.
53plypat  - May 29, 2011
1959, hood scoop is a trip. These are wild with the quad fins. This car needs to be saved.
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Created: May 02, 2008 By: oldride
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