Late 30's Ford
Any guesses on the year and model of this Rusty Ride sent in by Troy, an OldRide member.
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rrtymko  - October 10, 2012
It positively is a 1937 Ford. I fully restored a Deluxe Coupe and sold a 4 dr sedan.The grill is a dead give away!
legratrodder  - May 21, 2011
That big steel wheel is actually a piece of farm equipment. It is called a drive wheel, probably for a reaper or binder. Early farm equipment was ground driven, either pulled by horses or early tractors. As the binder was pulled the lugs on the wheel got traction and powered the machine. Early farm tractors didn't have PTO"s. That wheel could be 100 years old. With the high price of steel, it's a wonder it hasn't gone to the scrap yard.
fordmustangmuscle  - December 6, 2010
That is sad!!!!
fanofrustycars10  - August 25, 2010
I love looking at the cars in this photo, but I'm mesmorized by that railroad wheel in the front. My two biggest wants in life: a piece of railroad equipment, and an old car....
343w  - January 24, 2010
Seems like more 37's out in the brush than most anything else.I've hauled a few in and out.They're geting quite popular.
troyboy  - July 29, 2009
yes it is a fairlane 67
thewishartkid  - July 15, 2009
Is that a 66-67 fairlane way in the back?
thewishartkid  - July 15, 2009
Look at stack of model T cowls to the left of the front fender,the one on top is from a closed car. The one on the bottom is a 26-27 open car. top one has steering wheel. bottom one has headlight.
troyboy  - June 25, 2009
53plypat  - June 25, 2009
Looks like 37 Ford. Surprising these are still in the woods. These cars are worth a ton of money even in this shape.The cowls would be a great start to put up a rat.
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Created: Apr 18, 2008 By: oldride
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