1929 Pontiac ????
Anyone want to identify??
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chromenfins  - February 6, 2013
Gremlins are so cool!!!!!!!!!
29trkguy  - May 22, 2011
put Gremlin tail lights in my 76 Chebby stepside,looked great.
58chevyguy  - June 30, 2010
Nice Gremlin in the background.
badways76  - February 25, 2010
thank god those lil gremlins didnt hatch more every time it rained on them
mrjim  - September 26, 2009
Well it's my car...I have no idea how it got posted here...
rustyfan  - January 3, 2008
the keg would make a good fuel tank though
vwbugfreak  - November 20, 2007
I Want That Gremlin! Ive Always Wanted One Of Those
55pickup  - November 7, 2007
Pacers were notorious for popping out windows in very low collisions or even big bumps in the road, one of the poorest designed cars ever made.....I used to work at an american motors dealership in the 70's and at least once a week we were ordering windows for these 'things' for bodyshops.....lol
panelguy  - July 31, 2007
I stand corrected...the Pacer...aka... "The Fishbowl"... my pal had a Gremlin in the late 70's...must have been a "Flashback"..lol
ratrodgal  - July 31, 2007
it would make a great rat!!!
55f100  - July 15, 2007
waynes world used a amc pacer
choptoptin  - June 9, 2007
Yep it is a 29 Pontiac powered by beer "See the keg". What is parked in front of the poncho???? 28-29 Ford ?????
panelguy  - June 6, 2007
not sure....but I want the Waynes World Gremlin behind it....Party on Wayne...Party on Garth...
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Created: Apr 18, 2008 By: oldride
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