1960 Pontiac Laurentian
1960 Pontiac Laurentian sitting in Australia
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netseeder  - January 26, 2008
Hey, This is my Pontiac, picture taken in my shed here in New Zealand. This is one of five 1960 Pontiacs that I own, all varying in completion. Two of them are going to be roadworthy within 3 months, and the remaining 3 are parts cars. They never came over here with heaters, so if anyones got any... ;)
panelguy  - January 22, 2008
nope..do your homework.
panelguy  - January 22, 2008
According to the Wiki place....the Parisienne was made only in Canada from 58 to 86 and and in the States from 83 to 86...so we're both right.
street454  - January 21, 2008
The Parisienne was in the states. Late 70's early 80's Pontiac version of the Caprice.
panelguy  - January 20, 2008
and dont forget the block heater....lol
panelguy  - January 20, 2008
thats right ....but it wasnt around as long as the Chevelle I think...there was also an "Acadian"..(nova)...how about the Pontiac "Parisienne" that was only Canadian...
johnmfrommass  - January 20, 2008
I read somewhere that General Motors made a Pontiac for the Canadian market called the Beaumont. It was an identical twin to the Cheverolet Chevelle that was made for the U.S. market.
myhot56kustom  - January 19, 2008
yea,heavy duty heaters and knobby winter grips that seem to be on every old car found resting in the outdoors.......
johnmfrommass  - January 17, 2008
A Laurentian? I never knew that Pontiac made such a model. Can someone here at Old Rides clue me in?
johnmfrommass  - January 17, 2008
Thanks panelguy.
panelguy  - January 17, 2008
That would be the Canadian version....we had our own models on a lot of cars and trucks....all with heavy duty heaters...lol.
panelguy  - January 17, 2008
wow..thats pretty stripped...
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