1964 Mercury Marauder
Ryan sent in these pictures of this '64 Mercury Marauder.
Community Feedback
luvmydads62galaxie  - October 21, 2009
Oh Sweet Mother of Henry Ford! Get this in a shelter fast!
55pickup  - July 23, 2008
owch!....1964 mercury murder...not marauder.....geez....get some wheels on it and put her in that barn and start restoring the poor thing!
fenderuse22  - March 28, 2008
panelguy  - March 6, 2008
very cool and pretty rare these days....
pontiacsd  - February 26, 2008
This looks like my old car. That was one of the nicest driving cars, heavy car with plenty of punch.
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Created: May 02, 2008 By: oldride
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