1899 - 1902: Ohio Automobile Co. 1902-1903: Packard Motor Car Co. 1903-1954: Packard Motor Car Co. 1954-1958: Studebaker-Packard Corp.
From 1899 Packard produced a line of cars that represented the best quality possible. James Ward Packard a mechanical engineer, purchased a Winton in 1898. Alexander Winton made good cars and extremely fast cars, but the one he sold to Packard must have had many flaws because on its first road trip the new car balked, stalled, and finally quit, thus leading Packard to Return the car to its builder, where he allegedly engaged in a furious argument. When the verbal battle had reached it's height, Winton challenged Packard to build a better car. James Ward Packard not only accepted the challenge but went to work immediately. One year later he and his brother William Dowd Packard originated a new automobile company in Warren, Ohio, and released their first model, a singlecylinder buggy-type car. Bigger engines and advanced body designs followed rapidly. The Packard brothers built quality and depedibility.  

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