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Ford 300

The Ford 300 was produced for one year in 1963 by the Ford Motor Company and was marketed as a lower-priced base trim level.  The Ford 300 featured little to almost no chrome trim or luxury equipment.

Many of the Ford 300s that were produced  went to service the police and taxi industry because as they were more affordable than the base Galaxie sedans. The 300 was identified by a "Ford 300" badge on each front fender just behind the wheel wells, and "F-O-R-D" in small block letters on the trunk lid (instead of "GALAXIE"). The 300 could be purchased as a 2 or 4 door pillared sedan, however for those that wanted a special order a fastback model could be had. Another exciting feature was the availability of the big-block FE-series "Y-8" engines, including the 425-hp 427 cubic inch unit. Combined with manual transmission, these cars could get up and go and were often used as drag racers due to their light weight. A special Ford 300 2-door sedan model was known to be sold by Tasca Motors of Providence, Rhode Island. It featured extra chrome trim from the Galaxie and XL models, and featured interesting two-tone paint combinations. As a one year wonder, the Ford 300 was replaced in 1964, by the Custom series.

Production Years: 1963 - 1963