Chevrolet Chevelle

Built as an entry to the mid-size muscle car battle in 1964, the Chevrolet Chevelle was Chevrolet's competition to the Pontiac GTO and increasing popularity of the Ford Mustang. When the Chevelle first debuted engine options were fairly light, a 327 V8 rated at 300 bhp was the highest power plant available. This made first year Chevelle's less desirable because higher horsepower engines could be ordered in alternative muscle cars. Quickly Chevrolet realized that more power options were needed for its mid-size muscle car and the next generation Chevelle's delivered on the message. During the peak of the Muscle Car era the once mid-size muscle car blossomed into a heavy 1/4-mile killer. 1970 saw the greatest power options available to the Chevrolet Chevelle which included the famous LS6 option, a 454 cubic inch 450 hp monster capable of turning mid 13 second quarter miles. The Chevelle continued into 1973 and was finally dropped from the Chevrolet model lineup due to low public demand and an ever-decreasing engine performance standard.

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