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1952 Chevrolet
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preachered  - February 28, 2015
How much for the chevy 2 dr hdt. Ed.
fordmustangmuscle  - December 4, 2010
Just a little bit of a bumpy ride. I wonder, if it has a radiator for a wheel, does it have a wheel for a radiator?
keebler  - May 22, 2009
It look's like it has radiator tires.
legratrodder  - December 20, 2008
that John Deere is way cooler
55pickup  - July 23, 2008
wow!....2dr sweetheart, can't tell by this pic if its on the ground with no wheels or up on blocks....but this car needs to be saved!
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Created: May 02, 2008 By: oldride
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