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Rusty Old Sedan, Left for target practice!
Community Feedback
legratrodder  - November 7, 2010
Is this a Mopar. No body wanted a 4 door so many were left to rot away.
fanofrustycars10  - June 20, 2010
We found Jimmy Hoffa's car
mustangluver  - July 11, 2008
this is what happens when Chuck Norris's car wont start
niftyfifty  - April 9, 2008
WOW! about picked over clean....looks like vultures picked this baby over long ago.
myhot56kustom  - January 19, 2008
makes you wonder why it was left for dead there in the first place?
devonflood  - September 9, 2007
what really
409impala  - September 7, 2007
This car was used on the 1950 version of CUJO...those arent bullet holes they're teeth prints.
devonflood  - August 29, 2007
Wonder was it a terraplane or nash ?
58olds  - June 3, 2007
probaly was shot before it was there.could of been a gang bangers car.
55pickup  - May 5, 2007
Well all you gotta do is fill in the bullet holes, straighten out the dents....jack up the body and put another car under it.
got2haveajeep  - April 26, 2007
Looks like Bonnie and Clyde was shot down in this old ride.
ears  - December 30, 2006
na, its cherry. Chuck some parts on it, pop that roof back out, stab a Chevy in it and go!
datsunkingkab  - November 10, 2006
sonney corleone's car in the godfather.
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Created: Apr 18, 2008 By: oldride
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