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1955, 1956 and 1957 Chevy\'s
Community Feedback
58chevyguy  - June 30, 2010
Is that black wagon a 58? I can't tell.
kviper52  - May 13, 2010
the 727 area code indicates New Jersy... Which is a bummer for a Georgian like me... NORTHERNERS!!! SAVE EMM!!!!!!!
keebler  - April 25, 2010
when does the movie start
myhot56kustom  - May 21, 2009
i love all oldies,domestic only.
mister56  - May 13, 2009
Would be nice if there was a frame/firewall back 150 '55 there for sale in good shape. "myhot56" sounds like you really want a Chevy, most do !
nomadsrule  - December 28, 2008
Too bad not all of them are under roof. Better yet parked in my barn !!
tookiemae  - August 21, 2008
This almost makes me cry... and you guys make me laugh!
myhot56kustom  - July 31, 2008
hey,try my fiber bars...they work wonders!
4wheelsandaseat  - June 18, 2008
this pic killed my buzz
19cvy57man  - April 7, 2008
Au contrair myhot56kustom person. Let the record show that the GM 567 shoeboxes are still ahead of the pack in popularity, performance, resale and reliability now, and well into the that pervebial sunset. So why one would settle for a middle of the road ride to cruise in the next 50 yrs. is beyound my comprehension. As for my Geritol, try it, you mite like it especially with a Stroh's chaser. I only indulge in this libation after a long day of cruising in the worlds most popular riding machine, the 57 Chevy. Life goes much better in a Chevy.
myhot56kustom  - April 7, 2008
well,i'm happy to say the popularity,resale,and sex appeal(not sure what sex has to do with cars?)is fading into the sunset like your geritol,so i'll keep cruising my unique cruiser another 50 years..cause thats the way life goes..
19cvy57man  - March 31, 2008
Please don't feel insulted,"if the shoe fits,ware it". We do.
19cvy57man  - March 31, 2008
To myhot56kustom: Its only natural that you have that ho hum outlook toward those 567 "bellybuttons "and I fully understand why. There are more of those "bellybuttons" still around after 50 years then those other wannabee middle fifties shoeboxes. The proof is in the pudding especialy in popularity, resale value and sex apppeal. Ask any dude or dudess over 50. Sorry if the truth hurts but thats the way life goes.
myhot56kustom  - March 22, 2008
55-57 chevys are NOT true shoeboxes,49-51 fords are.what an insult...
19cvy57man  - February 24, 2008
Luziananman: I'm retired to an lovin it.Theres' nothing like cruising the nursing homes-seniors centers looking to pick up some sweet matured lady and head out the local bingo parlor or dance the light fantastic in a toquoise and white five seven Chevy BelAir, hard top. Theres' plenty of room in the trunk for a walker if necessary. Forget using the back seat, it's to hard to get back there,besides I'd probably fall asleep. Save your coins. buy that shoebox,and party on bro.
chevy57  - January 3, 2008
yeah boy gimmie the address!!
luzianaman  - October 29, 2007
Correction....I never thought that they would become so scarce on the street.....sorry about the screw up...I had a senior moment.
luzianaman  - October 29, 2007
This picture brings back a lot of great memories from the 60's, and 70's. I had a 57 Belair Post, and 2 57 Belair Hardtops. Everybody and their Brother-in-law had a tri-5 Chevy back then. I never thought that become so scarce on the street. I'm retired now, maybe I can get another Shoe Box and make some more great memories. Ain't nothing like an old Chevy.
myhot56kustom  - September 28, 2007
oh wow.more typical 567 bellybuttons.ho hum.
heavychevy  - September 5, 2007
These are worth alot!!
chevy69  - August 24, 2007
yes nice fine but dont care for them,everyone has one,the rare the find the funner it is to build,but thay are a car for a first time builder.
55pickup  - August 1, 2007
WOW! Where is this place?
fenderuse22  - July 28, 2007
These all look like they were people's high school cars!
colinc55  - July 12, 2007
rkeeme  - June 27, 2007
Chevy heaven LOL
trifives  - June 18, 2007
yes the guy dose sell them some and not to pricie eather i think his phone is 727 992 9254
moldyseats  - June 14, 2007
Fill up the tank its time to go cruising!
ratrodgal  - June 10, 2007
where are this cars and are they for sale
panelguy  - June 6, 2007
looks like "Chevy-Heaven"....
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Created: May 02, 2008 By: oldride
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