1951 Plymouth 4 door Sedan
1951 Plymouth 4 door Sedan parked for more than 20 years now!
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fordmustangmuscle  - December 4, 2010
I love the snow accessory
keebler  - April 25, 2010
this guy got a snow job when he got this car
myhot56kustom  - October 5, 2007
kinda looks like my yard outside my igloo here in canada
55pickup  - June 26, 2007
Talk about a snow job.
hotrodtommy  - March 3, 2007
Hey Rambler guy! I have '60 Rambler American wagon. Must be a wagon freak. I am wondering about the '51 and what is left. Where are you located? Price? Must I buy both, or just the wagon avail? Please let em know tommyAThuxommdotnet soon. Tommy in central Iowa
1962amcrambler  - August 8, 2005
These would make great project cars! The one under all the snow is a 1951 plymouth 4 door sedan, the other one is a 1951 Plymouth Concord 2 door wagon!!! The wagon would be a 'parts only' car!
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Created: May 02, 2008 By: oldride
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