1950s Woodie Wagon

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Feb 21, 2014

I could EASILY spend a whole day here looking at the gems!!

Dec 17, 2013

To the left of the '49-'50 Chevy 'fake woody' there's a '64 Bel Air 4 door, snd to the right, a '62 Chevy. The sedan delivery is also either a '49 or '50 Chevy. And finally is that a '39 or '40 Ford sedan in the background?

Nov 2, 2011

tin or not,still a woody to me.....

Aug 31, 2011

I'm not certain, but I think that Chevy was a 'tin woody'.... Not real wood but 'wood' painted metal.

Jul 20, 2011

pretty rare car.ive seen more ford and merc woodies than these chevies here in my part of the world...

Jul 2, 2011

oh WOW!

Jul 2, 2011

Woodies, sedan deliveries, 40 Fords, 60's Chevys, Where in the world is this place.