New Rusty Ride
Anyone want to identify....
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elcaminoguy  - January 9, 2018
then again might be a olds 1957 wagon wish I could see more ft or rear
elcaminoguy  - January 9, 2018
57 buick its a post so noy the rare one maybe a century or special they made a 57 4dr ht very rare today this one is a good find not many left
58chevyguy  - July 10, 2010
To awnser 4wheelsandseat's question, Buick only had round port holes untill 55. After that the port holes were in a rain drop shape. And they never looked back!
58chevyguy  - July 10, 2010
BUICK BUICK BUICK! How many portholes on the front fender, three?
mcyphert  - December 15, 2008
The side molding and body line are definitely Buick.
mustangluver  - July 12, 2008
its buick for sure and it looks like a 57 nomad so i go with 57 buick wagon
link67  - May 11, 2008
valensage48  - April 30, 2008
I believe the fender tag says FLOMASTER--could it be a pontiac? around 56?
57gazza  - April 4, 2008
i'll go with Buick
4wheelsandaseat  - February 29, 2008
wouldnt a buick have the round ports in the front fenders??
fenderuse22  - November 30, 2007
It's a '57 Buick
panelguy  - November 29, 2007
Late 50's Buick or Olds I think...
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Created: May 02, 2008 By: oldride
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