1950's Chevy Bel Air

This ol' Chevy Bel Air looks like it has been parked for years!

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Jul 22, 2010

Looks like its in great shape!

Aug 25, 2009

Its a 54 My dad had a 53 Neighbor had a 54. Different grills and taillights

Jul 25, 2009

My first boyfriend had one of these that he let his sister borrow while he was in Nam. It would get stuck in second gear and we would have to get out, do "something" under the hood and off she would go again. We called her 'old blue'.

May 12, 2008

54 check out the rectangle park lights if you could see the tail lamps you'd see top red bottom white for back up lamps not the bullet shaped tail lamps the 53 had I was born in 53 and know every car made in American made for that year

Apr 25, 2008

no,its a 54.check an auto i.d. book.

Apr 24, 2008

it,s a 53 i had one

Apr 16, 2008

indoors or not this beauty needs to be saved!

Apr 5, 2008

well boys...at least theres still hope for her....shes not outdoors in some field rusting away, I'm sure this car will one day be restored back to perfection...like i said we can only hope.

Mar 29, 2008

Yes, it is a '54. I'll bet if someone took an afternoon and tinkered with it, it would probably fire right up. I also bet with a little soap and water, it would probably shine up fairly decent.

Mar 19, 2008

54 chevy,not 53.

Mar 19, 2008

Very cool car...love the paint scheme...hope its being resurrected....I'd love to wash all the dirt off...try to start the motor..etc..thats what makes this hobby so much fun.