Cadillac and Plymouth

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Jun 30, 2010

Boy that Plymoth looks hot! By the way, that ain't no Cadillac!

Mar 6, 2010

the plymouth does look restored and if it is it should be inside!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jan 5, 2010

the plymouth looks like its been restored

Oct 1, 2009

what a jackpot this is.

Sep 12, 2009

I agree, anything postwar through the mid 50s shaped like an upside down bathtub. I picked up my 53 Plymouth coupe for $500 and have less than $3K in the whole thing. Had Maaco paint it after my bod work ($300) and Denver Spring did the rear leafers, otherwise all on me. We're having a lot of fun cruising and going to shows with it and that's what matters.

Sep 8, 2009

This era of cars is my favorite. The thing is, these cars are still affordable in stock form. Often drivers can be had for reasonable money. With the whole rat rod craze, you don't even have to worry about paint and bodywork. Great cars. I had a '53 Chevy in college. I paid $25 for it and drove it for a year. I think I sold it for $50. Ah, those were the days.

Aug 20, 2009

Chevrolet and Plymouth, both 1949.