Rusty Ride Lawn Ornament
Talk about a nice planter. What a clever idea...we only thought to use pots.
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captainmudflap  - May 21, 2015
"Tree-Mendous!" :P
preachered  - February 28, 2015
want to buy the white 57 ford. 2 dr hdt Ed.
keebler  - May 29, 2011
I know this car came with a three on the tree but didn't know they put tree power in them.
legratrodder  - May 17, 2011
A tudor no less. If I planted a tree in a place like this, it wouldn't grow. Nature reclaims it all, including us.
53plypat  - May 3, 2011
I saw pics in the Plymouth Bulletin (club mag) of a 1935 Plymouth sedan in Nebraska with a huge cottonwood growing in the "Entire"engine bay. Had to have been there at least 60 years. Professionals removed the tree ($$$) and the car is being restored.
53plypat  - March 24, 2011
The tree growing through the bumper is off the hook nuts.
mcyphert  - March 2, 2011
that's definitely been there a few years....
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Created: May 02, 2008 By: oldride
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