Hudson Convertible
1950??? Rare old Hudson convertible left to rust away in the catskill mountain junk yard ...
Community Feedback
58chevyguy  - December 8, 2010
fordmustangmuscle  - December 4, 2010
It looks like Suddam Hussein hit
58chevyguy  - July 15, 2010
Looks like a UFO hit it! Its doomed!
chevygilligboy  - August 21, 2009
now that's a rusty ride
nhpaul  - May 25, 2009
These things rust like theres no tomorrow.Seems Nash and Packards did much better.
14yearoldtrucklover  - April 11, 2009
Thats a shame! So rare! Such a waste! Rust in peace my friend..... Hey! I'll take that truck to the right of it!!!!
marcocar  - October 7, 2008
rusty old man is right hudson did make convertibles I see one every year at the Labor Day parade in Pittsburgh. when in doubt google search it
slick66  - September 25, 2008
convertible or not its doomed
19cvy57man  - February 25, 2008
Panelguy: hate to burst your bubble , but in all reality this Hudson is a genuine convertible. They had that exceptionally wide windshild.
hopelesscarnut  - January 26, 2008
I've never seen/heard of a Hudson convertable but you never know but this one isn't one at any rate
58fury  - December 27, 2007
looks like someone parked it behind a monster truck
myhot56kustom  - October 5, 2007
nice rake!
panelguy  - September 4, 2007
not a convertible.
55pickup  - May 5, 2007
GASP!....What a waste
chevyrocksfordsucs  - April 30, 2007
man i think that well i dont know what to think but it's gon whateer it is!!!! good bye and rust in peace!
musclecarkid5574  - March 25, 2007
what hit this thing
devonflood  - March 7, 2007
iluvcars  - January 22, 2007
i wish i saw this in its hayday
86indy  - December 20, 2006
Anyone know where this car is, or if it's still there?
gmc  - December 10, 2006
that has seen beter days
fenderuse22  - November 22, 2006
That is too sad.
rustyoldman  - August 3, 2006
Yes thay did and this is take another look thay had a hi windshild top.
70mustangmach1  - July 22, 2006
That's no convertible! There's a partial C-pillar back there, someone needed a roof. Did Hudson make a 'vert?
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Created: May 02, 2008 By: oldride
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