1957 Ford
Back end of a 1957 Ford - Would make a great couch!
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fordmustangmuscle  - December 4, 2010
He got half off.
keebler  - April 25, 2010
now thats choped and lowered
gramford  - December 7, 2009
This is a Divorse car..when the folks split everything in 2..He got the front..(smart) she got the rear(assss)lol
oldtimerider  - August 21, 2009
I was wrong about T-bird.No big rear wheel opening.66 got me to look at the lower panel.
nhpaul  - May 25, 2009
Make a trailer out of it.Complete with locking lid and taillights.
legratrodder  - April 7, 2009
Hey, it still has plates on it. Maybe it runs.
lupo  - January 14, 2009
I think there are some chopped pieces from the 30´s too
66sprint200  - December 23, 2008
I think that would be a pretty cool couch. It is a 57 Fairlane hardtop, or it was. You can see the ends of the rear posts, and you can see how the lower quarter was shaped, which was different between the Thunderbird and Fairlane.
mcyphert  - November 14, 2008
rustyrides is right... that would make a great couch for my basement
marcocar  - October 23, 2008
too big to be a t-bird. for sure a 1957 ford fairlane
oldtimerider  - July 6, 2008
Sure looks like a 57 T-Bird to me.The bumbers are bigger on the 57 and looks like a big one went in this one.I like 55&56 T-Birds more with the smaller bumpers and no fins.55 had no front fender vent door and 56 did.Tail lights were same as full size Fords.
19cvy57man  - February 25, 2008
Nice rear? I'v seen better rears on the beach. It would make a nice love seat in a family room, Pop the trunk lid and place a small rear car seat in it. Bam, you have just saved yourself $2000.
rustysouth  - January 5, 2008
I saw something like this ,turned into a T-bucket style rat rod......to cool
myhot56kustom  - October 5, 2007
a t-bird?you must like imports or something.
55pickup  - May 6, 2007
thats no T-Bird 56 or 57 ford
55pickup  - May 6, 2007
not much there to say about really.....lol
ttrods  - April 2, 2007
it looks like a 57 ford 4 door ass end , the model Ts and other parts around the car are interesting
69pontiacbonneville  - March 26, 2007
it was a t-bird
greg500  - February 11, 2007
perhaps by welding it next to some other stuff you`ll get a nice kustom outta this?!imagine the front of a 61 chrysler,plus a gm bubbletop along with...
fenderuse22  - November 24, 2006
that's a nice rear.
kens67stang  - August 11, 2006
not much to say,is there
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Created: May 02, 2008 By: oldride
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