1957 Mercedes Roadster with a Hardtop

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Jan 6, 2019

Can someone please tell me where this 1957 Mercedes Roadster with a Hardtop and how to contact the owner of the car? It was my wife's very first car and I've been looking for 2 years for one that I can build for her. Thank you for your assistance in advanced.

Mar 3, 2016

Is it possible to find out where this car is? I'd love to have a look at it first hand. No, really..... where is this car?

Dec 17, 2013

190SL. I believe GM borrowed from this design (and the larger 300SL) for the 1956-57 Corvette (especially from the front).

May 27, 2011

not bad 10K(?) tops

May 23, 2011

What a find!

May 18, 2011

What to fu..... At least it's inside. These are very nice cars and fun to drive. Rust is their biggest issue. Bullet proof drivetrains.