Barn Find Henry J
1953 Henry J found in an old barn that fordbigsix was helping to clean up. Thanks for the photo!
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kfcarlover  - January 28, 2013
The first car I ever owned was a 51 Henry J. I was a 17 year old high school senior and worked part-time after school and weekends at a local movie theater.It was inexpensive,dependable,basic transportation.Wish that I still had it today.
58chevyguy  - July 21, 2010
I'll bet you thats the only one on the block!
nhpaul  - May 25, 2009
That looks like its still solid.I would do it with a late model chassis and a V6 engine.Style,rarity and gas mileage and perfomance to boot.
legratrodder  - December 20, 2008
At least it's inside. Think it could be any closer to the wall. Nice old Chev in the background
buddyhollysedselgirl  - July 24, 2008
These are the only small cars that I actually like!
53plypat  - June 22, 2008
1953 Henry J came to the cruise night last night (21 June 2008), Chevy 350 / 350 combo with a Ford rear. Not many of these left, cool little cars.
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Created: May 02, 2008 By: oldride
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