1953 Chevrolet Corvette

This 1953 Chevrolet Corvette was found on river bank near Charlotte NC where it had been sitting for many years, and was restored and sold at the Barrett-Jackson auction in Scotsdale AZ.

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Dec 4, 2010

I love the Barrett-Jackson Auction. I watch it all the time.

Jun 30, 2010

I was at that sale!

Aug 21, 2009

is that a '56 stude grille?

Sep 1, 2008

my dad had one of these and it was the first car i ever road in. every body thought it was a very kool car. he work for the post office and could afford it. this sould be a very nice car when u get it done.

May 23, 2008

This car sold for $80,000!

May 23, 2008

Whoa man...wish I could find something like that.

Apr 4, 2008

so let me get this straight.....someone just abandoned this baby near a riverbank and it sat there for years...right? and now its been recovered and restored and sold....wow! thats an incredible story...I have only one Q'n....what kind of person would abandon a car like this...and why?? would love to know the whole story.

Mar 5, 2008

Can't make out the Vin, what number out the 300 made is it?

Mar 2, 2008

I love your site the vett is unreal but my fave is the belly tanker I cant wait to see it done

Dec 20, 2007

odly enoguh, i liked the finsihed product....

Sep 1, 2007

I wonder how much would this car be worth in mint condition

Aug 22, 2007

Why in the world would somone leave a 53' vette to rot down by the river???

Aug 19, 2007

Damn fiberglass cars...they never rust!

Aug 1, 2007

Thank God you guys saved her....what a great find....nice going guys!

Jul 28, 2007

Talking about a RARE custom car. I think it's really neat that it was restored to the way it was in '58. I'm not if it would have been impossible to bring it back to "stock", but I'm glad part of the car's history was saved. what a neat ride.

Jul 5, 2007

sailingadventure, I saw the Corvette on the website that you listed and the finished car looks real sweet. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Jul 5, 2007

all I can say is...WOW....nice work guys...!!!

Jul 4, 2007

Thank you, our website shows the rescue of some old cars most people would not have attempted to repair. Our website is; www.mccainautomotive.com Thanks oldride!

Jul 4, 2007

Hi sailingadventure, please feel free to add the url or web site to the pictures, I am sure many people including myself would love to see the restoration pictures and the finished car!

Jul 3, 2007

The car had been customized in 1958 by a previous owner after it had been wrecked. At that time, these cars weren`t worth much, so it was fortunate that it wasn`t scrapped. Pictures of the restoration are on our website, but I don`t want to compete with the great guys at this website so I won`t include it in this comment.

Jul 3, 2007

does that front clip look right...? how much did it sell for...?