1950s Sedan
1950s sedan with just the right amount of paint missing.
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ponymanrich  - November 7, 2017
hey kingofthings. I bet you wouldn't mind doing that for him just once again? We sure live in our memories.
kingofthings  - October 18, 2017
My Dad had two '54 Savoys.
The first lost the trans and I had to push him in and out of parallel parking twice a weekday in a very busy city for months! I was a lightweight, slim, pre-teen! Even in snow and ice!!!!!!!
Then he bought ANOTHER!!!!!
REALLY Dad!!!! --- R.I.P Dad.
caliwarrior63  - December 16, 2013
1950-52 Dodge.
53plypat  - April 8, 2011
I agree, this one's a driver, and someone is doing bodywork. Reminds me of my 53 Plymouth a few years ago.
legratrodder  - April 6, 2011
Dodge Ram. Looks like a runner.
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Created: May 02, 2008 By: oldride
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