New Rusty Ride
Anyone identify....
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elcaminoguy  - January 9, 2018
58 caddie coupe deville
jimmydeanclean  - August 27, 2013
it's a 58 pontiac
cmoejoe  - September 2, 2011
that is definately not a 58 chevy (i have 2 of them) a 58 chevy does not have the chrome running on top of the fenders or does not have the body line in the center of the hood. i agree its a caddy.
58chevyguy  - December 8, 2010
Never mind my last comment. It can still be a 58 Chevy without the chrome. The Impalas had chrome there, but less sporty models didn't.
fordmustangmuscle  - December 4, 2010
Nice Camouflage
58chevyguy  - July 10, 2010
Kinda looks like a 58 Chevy. But don't be fooled, theres no chrome on the rear quarter panel. There should be two chrome strips.
lupo  - January 14, 2009
Same as mine, ยด58 cadillac coupe de ville
mustangluver  - July 12, 2008
it reminds me of a 64 fairlane i pulled a 289special out of for my 66 mustang
link67  - May 12, 2008
chevyhead  - April 10, 2008
my bet would be a 58 chevy
4wheelsandaseat  - February 29, 2008
what ever she is this is just sick!!!
myhot56kustom  - January 28, 2008
my 58 chevy never had that bodyline down the center of the hood or the front fender and apparent quarter put money on a caddy.
panelguy  - January 22, 2008
The Impala and Coupe de ville look qutie similar..but without seeing more of it I really cant tell....I'm really not seeing any fins on the back...and thats where they do differ.
heavychevy  - January 16, 2008
thats a 1958 impala
rodman  - December 21, 2007
could it be a chevy bubbletop or are u sure its a caddy?
fenderuse22  - November 30, 2007
That's a '58 Cadillac 2-door hardtop Coupe De-ville! you can tell by the cowl and the mold line on the quarter panel. you can also faintly see the fin covered up by whatever debris is piled upon it's deck lid! OMG Somebody save it!
panelguy  - November 29, 2007
Late 50's Buick or Olds I'd say.....
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Created: May 02, 2008 By: oldride
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