Old Buick
Old Buick sitting in the weeds...
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panelguy  - November 4, 2007
Sure.....$2000.00 for the visor and throw in the rest of the car for free..lol.
clownpuncher  - October 1, 2007
I can't find a visor for my 1951 that has teh side brackets, I just want the visor!!!!
devonflood  - September 4, 2007
Yeah I know what you mean
devonflood  - September 2, 2007
Sorry Panelguy I should have put that comment on a picture where people are asking if the car is for sale
panelguy  - September 2, 2007
I dont get it..who asked "whether" it was for sale or not...?
panelguy  - September 2, 2007
No problem Devon..I agree with You..but if people are asking that question.. theyre just not paying attention anyway...know what I mean...?
devonflood  - September 1, 2007
People should stop asking weather these are for sale or not because OldRide.com just shows the photos they don't own these cars P.s please don't yell at me if i'm wrong
devonflood  - September 1, 2007
I love seeing these old cars in movies they are just so cool
panelguy  - August 29, 2007
A real cuisin machine...
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Created: May 02, 2008 By: oldride
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