Another old Caddy that has been left to rust away...
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preachered  - February 28, 2015
what are you asking for the blue caddy. Ed.
56caddy  - January 27, 2011
Caddies are my favorites. there are no bad caddies, just too few restorers. Leaving a Cad to rust or to poke it into the ground borders on blasphemy, IMHO.
58chevyguy  - June 30, 2010
That car looks like its in great condition!
mustangboss  - April 13, 2009
I agree! That's an awesome car! That would be a great restoration project
41dodgeman  - February 15, 2009
great car!
19cvy57man  - January 19, 2009
This particular Caddi looks to be a 1950 or 51 Coup De Ville. My dad had one when I was a kid back in the 50's. His car was painted dark blue top and light blue on the bottom with most of the bells and whistles including electric windows.
mcyphert  - December 16, 2008
I hope this one ends up back on the road!
rustynail1o2  - December 13, 2008
pretty good condition....
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Created: May 02, 2008 By: oldride
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