1954 Ford Mainline
Dan sent us another great picture and story of this 1954 Ford Mainline. "One owner car! I bought it from the 92 year old original owner. She was going to have it hauled to the scrap yard with all those good parts still on it. I was able to sell off all of the good trim,interior, dash pieces and misc. parts before taking the rusty shell to the crusher." Dan
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tomazzz  - December 10, 2010
whe still can built it up!!! the car is in really good shape (for a car that been left in the middle of nowhere!!) just got to change engine, weels, transmission,interior,etc ... lot of work but the result would be very nice!
14yearoldtrucklover  - April 11, 2009
I think it could have been a police car.
myhot56kustom  - October 5, 2007
now THAT is a real rat rod....
atlaloire  - August 2, 2007
More like a belt sander and an industrial sized box of sandpaper...
55pickup  - May 5, 2007
All you need is a giant SOS scrub pad.
corvairscaddys  - February 12, 2007
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Created: May 02, 2008 By: oldride
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