1955-56 Ford
Waiting to be restored.
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captainmudflap  - May 21, 2015
1956 Ford Crown Victoria, with the see-through roof! :)
preachered  - February 28, 2015
will you sell me this 55-56 ford. Ed. 269-945-3327
caliwarrior63  - December 16, 2013
It looks like a '56 Crown Victoria Skyliner (note the marks left by the side trim on the quarter panels).

myhot56kustom  - June 2, 2011
looks to be a skyliner with the 'glass' roof.looks like a pretty solid body.i would not be scared to build this one....
legratrodder  - May 17, 2011
This is a Crown Vic. It looks pretty solid. You can see the braces in the door openings. Someone has started a resto. Hope it gets finished. These cars never got the recognition that the 55-57 Chevys got, but they are nice cars. I had a 55 when I was 16. It was a tudor club sedan. V8/stick. Wish I had it back. Oh, well.
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Created: May 02, 2008 By: oldride
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