1956 Cadillac
1956 Cadillac Nice old picture sent in from British Columbia, Canada of a 56' Cadillac "rusting away".
Community Feedback
preachered  - February 28, 2015
How much for caddy. Ed.
tuptuoghih  - November 20, 2008
gotta love those tail lights!!
buddyhollysedselgirl  - July 24, 2008
55pickup, I couldn't agree with you more! I got that idea ten years ago but no one listens to me!
55pickup  - August 3, 2007
such a beauty....they should pass a law making it so any car that becomes a classic, that its illegal to leave them rot in fields and its illegal to scrap them...not but illegal to be sold to someone who will give them TLC! lol
bearcuda  - March 30, 2007
I know where one very similar to this is sitting. E-mail me for more info.
corvairscaddys  - February 15, 2007
I want this Caddy!
greg500  - February 11, 2007
what a nice sled this could be...
brady381need68c10  - July 2, 2006
that guy should pull it out and restore it!
robsegj  - May 7, 2006
too bad i hate too see ot there
1962amcrambler  - August 14, 2005
WOW~ It's not that bad!
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Created: May 02, 2008 By: oldride
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