1958 Pontiac Station Wagon
1958 Pontiac Station Wagon, just sitting in the weeds...
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nhpaul  - May 25, 2009
Bet they didnt sell many of those.
mcyphert  - November 14, 2008
ya gotta luv a big ugly wagon! what a rod that would make!
57gazza  - April 4, 2008
turbos right..... hell has no fury like a womens scorn...this i know believe me..been there...done that.
turbo69stang  - February 11, 2008
She would be driving it today so be happy you sold it! lol
58sonly  - February 8, 2008
I am dying for another one,if I knew I was getting a divorce I would have neveeeeeeerrrr sold mine.
goatfarm  - January 7, 2008
Hey " totallcarnut" is that a Baja Gold 68-70 Lemans or Goat next to it? ( pass-side-rear )
totalcarnut  - December 30, 2007
My first car was a 52 ford ranch wagon 2 door flathead got hell in high school about it but I loved it wish I had it now
myhot56kustom  - September 28, 2007
my buddy has a coral and white tudor wagon exactly like this.
tntrods  - July 10, 2007
I can get it , email me and I'll let you in, its in south sask ,canada [email protected]
58olds  - June 11, 2007
where is it i want a project
55pickup  - May 5, 2007
i'm with ya panelguy.
panelguy  - April 19, 2007
remember the days when nobody even wanted a wagon....? this would make for a cool ride...
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Created: May 02, 2008 By: oldride
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