Rusty Rat Rod

If this isn't a Rat Rod waiting to happen, I don't know what is.

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Mar 24, 2012

yup 37 Ford.

Nov 29, 2010

It looks a lot like a late 1930's Ford

Jun 30, 2010

That thing got NAILED!

May 21, 2010

too far gone if ya tried to tow it or pull it it wuld break the whole front clip off

Jul 2, 2009

Not likely a 4 dr with a bent frame will ever get back on the road. Shame. This thing would be way cool. When I was a kid in the 50's there was a 37 Chevy coupe in a local junkyard and it had been in an accident, in fact the driver died. It had a bent frame and my father wouldn't let me buy it. The body was in real nice shape and sedan donor cars were in abundance for a frame. It got bought by a rodder and I never saw it again. The junkyard wanted $25.

Jun 28, 2009

1937 FORD 4DS,usually the grills rot away fast in these,This one may have been inside most its life?