1936 suicide door Hudson Terraplane
1936 suicide door Hudson Terraplane, not too many of these 2-door models exist anymore. After years of refusing to sell the car, it sadly went to the crusher.
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58chevyguy  - July 26, 2010
Oh such a shame, really! He should have sold em, then at least there was the chance they would get restored.
pontiacsd  - February 26, 2008
Update 2-27-2008: I talked to the lady who inherited this car and the others in Rusty Rides covered in moss (all in the same location). About 1 month ago an excavator came in and hauled ALL of them to the scrap yard. She said, "As long as she remembers people would stop by and ask her dad if the cars were for sale, he always said NO". Looked where they ended up! One of the cars hauled off was a 1949 Chrysler Town & Country Convertible!! Sad, Sad, Sad...
workingclasshotrod  - February 26, 2008
I'm just sort of worried that it's going to come in the night and eat my children...
swahoo  - December 23, 2007
Trash or not...anyone give up it's whereabouts???...I'll park it in my yard!!!!
swahoo  - December 23, 2007
That somthing else with the chrome strips is the ever sought after Terrapane GRILLE!!!
otony92yahoocom  - November 24, 2007
rustyfan  - September 4, 2007
is that chrome strips on the hood or something else
catdaddy  - July 26, 2007
i think maybe you found hoffa.
55pickup  - May 1, 2007
Don't know about this one....looks like you'd have to cut down a few trees to get her out.
devonflood  - March 7, 2007
I have a 1936 Hudson Terraplne Steet Rod it is sad to see one of it brothers looking like this although I have to say cool picture can we have a look at differnt angels
dodgewolfgang  - February 12, 2007
anybody know where it is? would be a sweet scene for a monster movie
ears  - December 30, 2006
That is most definately trashed. Too bad.
68hemicuda  - November 18, 2006
do any of u guy's know where this guy live's or where this vehicle is located I'm very interested on it's whereabouts
datsunkingkab  - November 10, 2006
looks as though the woods are pulling it in
garagecollectibles  - September 26, 2006
Ricky Racoon lives in there.
hudson41tudor  - September 5, 2006
maybe a few cosmetic parts left,watch for snakes
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Created: Apr 18, 2008 By: oldride
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