Bunch of Old Chevy Trucks
Here is a triology of Chevy Trucks including a Panel!
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chainsaw51  - February 19, 2016
Those trucks were put there for a picture,they aren't sitting in a field rotting
ccpanel  - October 1, 2013
those are so awesome. does OP know where they are?
are they still there?
email me.
[email protected]
hotrodbeleton65  - April 26, 2013
i would like to have all three of the vechicles setting out in the field rotting away
oldbeachcomber  - November 18, 2011
The GMC V-8 trucks in those years used a Pontiac engine and transmission. They had valve covers that read GMC but were Pontiac engines. The bigger trucks and school buses used Buick "nail head" engines with 4 speed truck transmissions.
oldbeachcomber  - November 18, 2011
What a set of Chevy trucks. Panel is my favorite. It is either a second series 54 or first series 55. They had open drive-lines. The older had closed drive-lines. This was also the first Chevy truck that you could buy with a V-8. You could even get them with V-8 Automatic transmission. Chevy used the Oldsmobile Hydromitic 4 speed transmission. They made and adapter for the Chevy bolt pattern to the Hydromatic bolt pattern. That is what B&M Hydro used for building the original B&M Racing Hydromatic Transmission. It was the hot item back in the fifties and sixties.
oldtimerider  - June 23, 2009
Another way to tell them apart is even if the wind shield and grill are gone the hood emblem on a 54 and early 55 is like a late 55 and 56. In 57 it gets flipped over.second 55,56,and 57 are really good looking allso IMO.54 got a insert motor and no more babbit rods.These trucks do not look like junked ones.
oldtimerider  - June 23, 2009
I like them all but the panel would be my pick.Really I like the 47-53 grills better better than 54 and early 55.I think early 55 still hung on to six volt while the the chevy cars got 12 volt.Second series 55 trucks got 12 volt.Ford did not come with 12 volt till 1956.
legratrodder  - May 1, 2009
Notice that the panel has a one piece windshield. That makes it a 54 or first series 55. It's hard to me to look at these pics. I want them all. I love trucks.
41dodgeman  - February 12, 2009
what year is that panel? I really like that grill style.
patato  - January 29, 2009
I wonder if they run?
heavychevy  - December 12, 2007
55pickup  - November 7, 2007
Panelguy needs to see these beauties!
chevykid51  - August 25, 2007
that one one the right is really nice
moldyseats  - May 24, 2007
Please put these oldies back on the road, and maybe for extra throw a Hemi in the panel!
55pickup  - May 1, 2007
God!!...I'll take anyone of these!
chevyrocksfordsucs  - April 30, 2007
yeah man that is a lot of history !!!sweet
chevy4life  - April 28, 2007
What a beutiful picture! just look at that, chevy history
jocko13  - April 4, 2007
the pannel would make a sweet gasser!
joker2617  - March 23, 2007
and they aren't for sale?
vibesup  - February 22, 2007
All three look like daily drivers to me
47chevjyd  - December 15, 2006
look brand new! its a shame to see them rott away like that!!
fenderuse22  - December 11, 2006
those could be very nice. all three of them. they're really clean.
ducksrus1983  - May 19, 2006
thats sad...i have been looking for 4 yrs for a truck like the top right
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