Old Dodge Pickup

This old Dodge pickup has been saved and is on its way to being restored.

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Oct 3, 2009

looks like my 52 dodge

Jan 4, 2009

Hey, put a blown 426 hemi in it and leave it looking the way it does now. Wow that would be cool!

Sep 20, 2008

Hey 55.those brackets are for a tow bar....the owner has taken off the front clip and is probably going to send the rest to the CRUSHER...!

Aug 14, 2008

can someone tell me what those 2 brackets are for hanging below the front bumper?

Jan 28, 2008

still its a nice save and looks like it has pretty straight sheet metal as well! but you know the phrase- "you cant judge a book by its cover"!

Oct 3, 2007

I was mistaken..this is a 1950's Fargo...