1966 GMC

This 66 GMC Truck will once again see paint and polish, the inside is nice & just needs seat covers!

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Dec 24, 2009

these late 60's gm pickups look pretty good as a 4x4 lifted..

Apr 15, 2009

Put a step side bed from a 94 fleetside on it it looks sharp and fits down pertty easy

Nov 21, 2008

this one is going to a young lady for her first truck

Oct 27, 2008

fixable for sure

Aug 28, 2008

Good Mountain Climber GMC I love the front clip on this generation of GM trucks

Aug 26, 2008

its a gmc but if it looks like its little sis it will be well loved by all

Jul 24, 2008

well....its a GMC...does that stand for Garage Mans Companion??....just kidding...its still a nice truck...