Old Ford Pickup Trucks

Ryan sent in a few pictures of some old Ford trucks laying around.

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Feb 3, 2015

Hi; I have a "49" F-1 with a "51" front end on it, just noticed some of these old 48 to 50 parts trucks and wondered how to find out where they are if possible? I would really like to put the right front clip on mine. Thanks for the site, I enjoy it very much. Larry

Jul 3, 2010

I love the way the back one looks

Jun 20, 2010

These would be great for furniture in my living room...

Jul 24, 2008

I like the middle one-tee hee!

Mar 27, 2008

oh man!..I hope whoever has these are going to do some good with them.

Feb 26, 2008

some one is into a big project and it would be wonderful if all these part and rides make it back on the road to a good life. i could almost get sentimental.