1968 Ford Galaxie, left in the weeds!
P.D. Found this 1968 Galaxie 500 behind a barn, it was parked there in 1987. The owner just got tired of driving it. It was just purchased for $200 and P.D. said he changed all the fluids and points, plugs etc. and now it runs. (390 4bbl factory) He is hoping to have it on the road this spring, rusty, but running!
Community Feedback
luvmydads62galaxie  - October 21, 2009
Congradulations on this find. After restoration, I wish you many years and many miles of happy motoring!
stangman1967  - May 18, 2009
nice 1968 galaxie fastback i used to have one but couldn't find the parts to restore it.is it a 289 v8 or is it a 390 v8
ccwf350  - April 15, 2008
ccwf350:it`s a shame that a car like just left to away
66galaxie500  - February 15, 2008
Great Find! beautiful car
turbo69stang  - February 12, 2008
Rusty and running is better than rusty and rotting. Good Job!
oxxymn  - November 29, 2007
great find
peteranger  - June 2, 2007
good luck i love these cars hope to see itr at a show
55pickup  - May 5, 2007
Nice find...good job and cograts....hope you enjoy driving it.
jocko13  - April 4, 2007
HI-5 for you great job!
bearcuda  - March 30, 2007
Good save man
jackkowalski  - March 25, 2007
Very nice
falcon64  - February 11, 2007
i am from montreal canada, ilove old fords, i owm a 64 falcon futura, 64 galaxie, 53 ford mainline, nice ride
68galaxie  - January 14, 2007
Thanks guys. It is a big project, and I need alot of parts, and they are hard to come buy. Especially on a budget, so if anyone knows where I can come buy some, if would be greatly appreciated! I am in N.C.
gmc  - December 10, 2006
good project
rumrunner  - December 10, 2006
i'd like to find a Bullitt like this....undiscovered and ready for some tlc!
badjudge  - November 14, 2006
Nice Find!
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Created: May 02, 2008 By: oldride
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