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can a mercedes 450slc be converted to a convertible ?
i have a 1976 Mercedes 450clc I want to restore, but I would like to cut off the top and make it a convertible. I have only seen a photo of one, and it was credited to "mister choppers". I cannot find any way of communicating with him. I wonder if I must alter or reinforce the body, and if I can locate a top. I am not familiar with this effort, and I am grateful for any help. I have a 1929 model a roadster to renovate, but I want to practice on the Mercedes. thanks for any help.
posted: March 28, 2014
  Answers (2)
Anything can be converted to a convertible if you have enough money. When you see the cost, you may be dissuaded.

Since the solid roof on a coupe or sedan provides much of the vehicle's structural rigidity, converting to a convertible usually entails reinforcing the undercarriage in some way by adding structural members. If you don't do this, the car will bend in a very short time, the doors will not close, it won't hold alignment,etc. This is why factory convertibles are heavier than coupes and sedans of the same model.

Then there is the question of what to do with top when it is folded. Factory convertibles have storage engineered in.

How do I know this? A friend had a 1964 Oldsmobile coupe converted to a convertible. The car went to the crusher six months later.

If you find someone to do the conversion, be sure you get a very, very good warranty.

Good luck.
posted:  March 28, 2014
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Once cut top off '82 Riviera, sagged in middle. Saw a factory job, frame was bowed like big rig flatbed trailers
posted:  April 2, 2014
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