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How do I sell mass amounts of automotive parts
My father must have started collecting anything automotive since the age of two. It's no joke when I say my basement is full to the ceiling with hubcaps, wheels, rims, and more. I called several auctioneers and was surprised time and again when they told me they don't do automotive (parts). One came out and was impressed with the sheer since of the hubcap collection but said it would be better to scrap it all then bother researching each piece. Thanks for wasting my time dude. Though I agree I don't have the time or patience to research it all myself. Scrapping it for chump change just seems so wrong. The swap meets we went to when I was a kid were great except I also inherited my fathers crappy back it now seems. I'm not interested in ebay or selling a little here and a piece or two there. If you know of an automotive parts auctioneer or dealer/collector that's up for the challenge of selling the whole lot please let me know. The images I'm getting are crap since the basements so dark. I will have to get better lighting and try again later. Seeing really is believing. Thanks in advance and Keep on Truckin!
posted: December 1, 2011
  Answers (4)
i know the feeling .to set up an auction like this would cost $3000 to 5000 up front have hubcaps that are out of 40s and50s take them to swap meets an am lucky if i sell 10 percentof them. if you were to get someone to look at what you have it would have to be in the open to see what you have..just researched over 100 books for mothers estate sale ,many 1st editions around 1900,sold ten rest went to an end buyer for next to nothing.take smaller hubcaps and sell as group,right here.put them up for bid and see what happens.
posted:  December 1, 2011
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Aside from the auction houses or selling the pieces little by little, I would advertise the entire lot for sale. Their are people in this industry that buy whole collections. Understand however that you are not going to get retail prices for all the items in the collection, when people make an offer to purchase a collection they are buying both the good and the bad and they need to make a profit and pay for the time to advertise and move merchandise. Good Luck! Post some pictures, would love to see it!!
posted:  December 2, 2011
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do you still have the parts?? if you do what brand do you have the most of? do buy 50s ford
posted:  October 7, 2012
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What ever you do, dont listen to people who say to scrap it.thare are millions of people around the country in nead of origonal parts and hub caps. you are right that it would be wrong to scrap them.Keep trying to sell them.
posted:  February 9, 2013
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