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Is 25k enough for a decent 67-68 mustang fastback? [AND MORE QUESTIONS REGARDING MUSTANGS!]
Hello Everyone,

I have a couple questions regarding collecting cars and mustang fastbacks.
0) I am looking for a 67-68 mustang fastback. (75-80% restored) Any leads on websites or classifieds would be much appreciated.
1) Is 25k enough for a decent 67-68 mustang fastback. Given the economy, people are letting these cars go for pretty cheap.
2) Can someone tell me the exact paint, color for the Elanore fastback.
(I want to make a shelby tribute with elanor colors. Need to tell my friend what color and paint to use when he repaints my car.)
3) When is the best time to buy a decent mustang? Winter, Summer, Spring, Fall (Not sure if the well has run dry in Dec on nice cars to buy.)
4) What is the definition of a survivor car?
5) What should I be looking for in a classic car? I see cars with nice engines, but the body is flawed. ON the one hand, I also see Nice body mustangs, with a lot of work needed in the engine. Which would be a better buy, a mustang with a nice exterior, or a mustang with a nice engine. Which is cheaper to fix?

I am located in the Bay Area California! (Couple miles away from the San Jose plant!)

posted: December 18, 2008
  Answers (2)
Have you checked out oldride for what you are looking for? There are quite a few Fastbacks listed on here.

Mustangs are still very popular today so it should be pretty easy to find what you are looking for. If you are a first-time collector, it is a good choice to get something like a Mustang…if they break, parts are readily available and not that expensive, plus it seems that just about anybody can work on them. Ford Mustangs provide a wide range of body styles and engine choices, there is sure to be something for you in that price range. Plus, anytime is the right time to buy a car if the price is right and the owner is willing to sell.

The “Eleanor” is a 1967 Shelby Mustang GT500 and the color is DuPont Fleet Pepper Gray Metallic, code number 44490.

A survivor car is one that has been preserved and mostly unrestored, un-refinished, and unaltered.
posted:  December 18, 2008
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Answer to 5. It depends what is wrong with the body or engine. If the problem is a fender, valance, door, hood, or trunk lid, then it will be easier to get and you can usually put it on with the help of a friend. If it is the quarter panel then you are going to have to take it to someone who know how to do a good weld job. Then, reguardless of what you replace, the car will need a repaint so everything will match.

For the engine, again it depends what is wrong. It could be something easier to fix (damaged intake manifold on a 289) or it could be difficult (damaged intake manifold on a 200 straight six which is difficult to fix becuase it is integral with the cylinder head).

If it comes down to the 2 in the end, I would go for the one with a good body, bad engine. Mustang cancer spreads fast. I would say if possible find a Mustang with a good body, a good drivetrain, and a bad interior. That or an affordable Mustang with very minor work needed. I hope this helps you.
posted:  January 4, 2009
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