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I'm thinking of purchasing a 72 chevelle first muscle car purhase. The owner wants 15,900
The car has 355 w/cam, 1 owner very clean no rust, bench seats. My question is how important is having the matching #'s ? And how much should be taking off for not having the ac working? I'm new to the muscle car arena, so pls bear with me.
Thanks in advance
posted: September 2, 2008
  Answers (4)
Some people are more concerned about numbers matching than others. The nice thing about Chevrolet in the 70's was that the vin or serial number of the car was not stamped into the engine,transmission. So, any properly date coded 1972 engine (350) would technically be correct. The AC should be fairly easy to get going so long as their are not a bunch of critical parts missing, I wouldn't concern yourself to much over that.

Whats most important is rust issues, interior condition, chrome and stainless. Those are expensive parts, to have a car painted these days by a good body shop (not maco) will cost around 4,000 and thats assuming their is not allot of bodywork.

Check this site for some pricing: www.collectorcarmarket.com
posted:  September 2, 2008
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Sounds a little high in my opinion, better do some price comparisons.
posted:  September 3, 2008
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Please find a local car club and join it. You will make contacts which will prove to be invaluable.. There are a ton of questions you need to ask as well as knowing what to look for to make sure the car is everything the owner is making it out to be. It is disgusting to get taken because of something dishonest. The price does seem kind of high. Are there some odd factory options? Original mileage? Original paint? Please do some homework first.
posted:  September 29, 2008
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I am no expert and have no creditials but I say no chevelle with a 0.30 over 350 long block is worth more than $10,000. All cars are only worth what a willing buyer will pay cash for.

Thanks, Alan.
posted:  December 10, 2008
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