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How can I install a 12 volts batt to a 6 volt starter....
My 1947 pontiac 6 cyl/ 6 volts is a 100% stock. Starting the car sometimes is hard and drain the 6 volts batt. Is there a way to install a 12 volts batt. just for the starter only without affecting the rest of the electrical system?. I also have a one wire 6 volts alternator which I think will help the charging better than the generator. I need some imput as of how to install it. Thanks
posted: September 16, 2010
  Answers (3)
Why does it start hard? Replacing the generator will help the charge issue. Is it a mechanical foot operated starter? If so put a push button operated solenoid on it. Conversion is easy and the starter reacts so much quicker.One thing to remember is the 6 volt starter will turn twice as fast when you shove 12 volts through it, life of starter can be short. If it were me and I was running only the starter as 12 volts, I'd totally isolate it away from the rest of the circuit. All the 12 volt battery would do is turn the starter, the down side is then the battery will need charged eventually.
posted:  September 20, 2010
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Years ago there was a 6-12 battery just for that purpus start on 12 then return to 6 not sure if you can still find
them . But the real reason it's not starting with 6volts is your battery cables must be 1 or 2 gage a lot of power is lost with the modern skiny cables.If yor battery is strong ,check the starter draw .starter may need a freshening up
AND you allso need a cable from the frame to the engine,Been there a million times .goodluck"OLDSCHOOL"
posted:  October 13, 2010
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Heh! did you try to get hold of me thru oldride I think I eraced it by misstake.try a e-mail [email protected] if it wasn't you then just deleat "OLDSCHOOL"
posted:  October 14, 2010
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