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Who make the most durable, near stock, front drum to power power disc brake conversion kit.?
Soon, I will be ordering & installing a front drum to power disc brake conversion kit for a 1961 Impala. Stainless Steel Brake Co. (SSBC) and Classic Performance Parts (CPP) are the two brands I have been comparing. Other than price difference (about $200-SSBC being more), SSBC kit has a standard 9" booster and CPP kit has a standard 8" booster.

Does anyone have any experience in how either of these companies kits have held up over the years?

I am not going with cross drilled &/or slotted rotors. I have heard they tend to have problems warping &/or cracking.
posted: April 13, 2008
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  Answers (3)
abs in orange ca on lemon street there number is1714 7716549
posted:  April 18, 2008
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SSBC is the best. Outstanding fit, very easy installiation - they send you everything.
posted:  July 30, 2008
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Thanks kkustom. It was a real hard decision to make but I went with Classic Performance Products. Everything was included, it was an easy installation and for a po'boy like me the $$$ were right. I really liked the SSBC kit (dual piston, aluminum caliper) but with all my research the SSBC kit would not allow me to use the wheel/tire combination I wanted to put on the car. Using the SSBC I would have had to install 16" wheels or larger (which isn't a bad thing) but I would not have been able to get a raised white letter tire and it would not have achieved the look I was going for...classic hot rod mod. Plus, for the same $$$ as the SSBC, I was able to get the disc brake conversion kit with 2" drop spindles, front end rebuild kit, front (stock height) & rear (1.5" drop) springs and KYB shocks....btw....I did end up going with the slotted and drilled zinc plated rotors. Overall I am very, very happy with the fit and performance. Power Steering is my next mod.
sources: http://www.classicperform.com
posted:  August 7, 2008
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