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my 49 hudson clutch won't disengage help
posted: December 5, 2008
  Answers (2)
Check first to see if your clutch master cylinder, slave cylinder and fluid are okay.
It could be possible that your clutch cable is broke, or out of adjustment.
A clutch can sometimes stick together if left standing for sometime or becomes contaminated with fluid.

One option is to have someone push the clutch to the floor and then watch the slave cylinder to make sure it's moving
It is also possible that air in the hydraulic line could be the cause as well...you can try holding the pedal to the floor for about a min, let off for a min, hold to floor for a min, repeating this process about 20 times, it might work the air out.
posted:  December 5, 2008
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Hudson has a fluid cushion clutch that's bathed in Hudsonite. Sometimes when a car has been stored a long time or it's dryed out the corks on the disc stick.

Here are two mixtures for the solvent concoction that should gradually work those clutch corks loose:

(R.K. Dittrich: 4/26/2000)
Drain out the oil in the clutch put in 1/2 pint of #1 Kerosene run Engine about a minute or two. Drain out the sludge and let it drain overnight. If it was real sludge up repeat process then put in 1 can Hudsonite or same amount of Dextron#2 not #3 the kerosene I learned from my father who got it from a Hudson mechanic. Worked in our Hudson's from 1947 through 51 cars then dad bought a 55 with dry clutch.

(Traditional): make solution 4 parts tri-chloral-ethane and one part acetone, available at drug stores. To flush-drain clutch, refill with flushing solution, start engine, with transmission in neutral, depress and release clutch about 100 times at various engine speeds, drain and refill with clutch fluid mixture.

Ron Fellows is repairing and selling cHudson lutches and clutch parts nowadays. He advertises in the Club newsletter, or go here: http://www.geocities.com/hudsonclutchman/

Doug Wilkwick (AKA Dr. Doug)
Wildrick Auto Restoration
1459 E. 425 N.
Shelbyville, IN 46176
(317)398-4163 Shop
(317847-1720 Cell


Ron Fellows
P.O. Box 453
Canutillo,TX 79835

Both are very knowledgable about wet clutches and sell parts needed.

many people hold their clutch pedal down with a wooden stick over the winter to avoid this. But I don't! You will have to drain the old oil out, put in the solvent, then turn the clutch from time to time, over a several-day period, so the solvent will soak in well.

Then drain the solvent and insert new Hudsonite. Which you can still buy through the Hudson Essex Terraplane club store.
sources: http://classiccar.com/index.php?option=com_jfusion&Itemid=62&jfile=showthread.php&t=14800&highlight=stuck+clutch&page=2
posted:  April 4, 2010
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