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Can someone tell me the best place to fine reasonable liability insurance for an antique?
posted: May 22, 2008
  Answers (6)
Have you tried www.hagerty.com ? They can give you a quote online in just minutes.
posted:  May 22, 2008
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You could try contacting the Antique Fire Brigade. They might know of a good resource. Here is their website. www.antiquefirebrigade.com/
posted:  May 23, 2008
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grundy gave me a quote on my 66' chrysler newport for $150 for the year.
sources: www.grundy.com
posted:  June 23, 2008
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I am responding to my own question for the benefit of others who may be looking for insurance. After shopping everywhere, I found my best deal at State Farm. I got full coverage for a value of $15,000 for $59.99 every 6 months. Another big plus was that there was nothing in the policy requiring that the vehicle be kept in a locked garage.
posted:  June 23, 2008
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In response to a response. I would caution anyone on insuring their classic under regular car insurance. Under many regular policies ( in the very fine print) they have conditions set that don't always sit well with collector's toys. For example. In my regular car insurance it says that they will cover up to $1000 non original equipment. This was most likely meant for the loose Laptop or camcoder but what about my "non original" wheels. There was also a line about the orginal engine. My replacement engine, according to the wording, would not be covered and if it was it's limited to the original replacement engine . The shiney accessories bolted onto the engine are surely not original. I have air conditioning in my 1937 Ford. Not covered. The custom interior? Not covered above factory cost! So shop around. Hagerty - Grundy - Snead... Get special insurance for your special car(s). They have realistic prices and good reputations unlike regular insurance companies.
posted:  September 2, 2008
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I would suggest that you contact an insurance agent that sells classic car insurance policies. I am insured with Condon and Skelly (a division of MetLife) for my 1966 Cadillac that I'm working on.

A classic car policy is custom tailored to the type of car you have and they realize that one is not going to use the car for everyday type of driving, which is why the premiums are much lower.

I do have to keep the car in my garage when it is not driven and I am limited to 2500 miles per year. However, I only pay $77 for an entire year of coverage.
posted:  November 19, 2009
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