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15 years ago in GENERAL QUESTIONS
How about the AMC Pacer
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2 years ago
Agree w/ Door Ding. Pathetic bug-eye design of the early '60s. As an avid Dodge collector, I wanted to upchuck
6 years ago
Man that is a tough one,,,Have Worked on A ,,,Lot of Cars,,,and Think its the Eye of the beholder type of thing,,,lol,,But on My List R,,,the 4 Door T Birds,,,Gremlin,,( and yup I owned n built a Purple gremlin x,,man it was Fast,with the 360 V-8,,sold it , in just 3 days),,also the AMC Hornet,,its Cute,,but the Messerschmidt,,,And Since I owned One ,,but still like to have another ,,the Packard Hawk,,,it just looks like a retarded shark ,,with that lower mouth open to scoop the ground,,,And ,,Like i said ,,These R my Picks ,,Thanks Frank
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