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I'm having a '72 C10 restored...
I was thinking of a 454 engine (only for when people ask "what's under the hood"- I'm 65, I know I don't need it but I alway's wanted a big block when I was young but couldn't afford it) My restoration guy, a long time chevy man and good friend is telling me that I may not like the "response" and etc. for me and my wife just cruzin' on weekends and to shows and etc. We are having to put in power steering,a/c,and power brakes. He said he can put any engine I want in it but don't think I'll be happy.
What are some of yall's (yeah I'm from GA) responses and/or advise..THANKS!
posted: February 18, 2011
  Answers (5)
Why don't you put a 5.3L (325) in it with a 5 speed trans? This engine has vortec heads and it should last 200k miles. Easy to crank, runs cool and gets 21 to 23 mpg (unless youy have a low speed rear end). It sounds great too. I
t's a great all around engine.
posted:  February 19, 2011
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I would go with the 454, eng of choose for my self as well, just dress it and keep the horse power down to around 400. And if you plan on driving go with a over dr trans, and a rear gear under say 411 use a limited slip possi. I am 54>> and from the south as well.
posted:  February 26, 2011
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I have a 71 Cheyenne and my buddy has a 71 C10. Mine has a 350 small block and his has a 454 in it. He loves it and built it himself. His is very low geared so he can't go very fast, but he loves it and its his baby. The gas mileage isn't great, but then again, when you own one, your not in it for the gas mileage!
posted:  February 27, 2011
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the thing i noticed most about the big blocks that i have been around is whether you haul a huge load or just cruise the fuel consumption seems to not change much. big blocks are all torque all the time.
posted:  February 28, 2011
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My Dad put a bigblock 496 in our 3/4 ton chevy. Hauls loads of wood up hills at 70 mph! lol! I like the old school 396. That would be my preference. Here is a picture of the 496...I know I know...it has 454 valve covers! :-D
posted:  November 28, 2013
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