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How do I identify original GM OE wheels, i.e.: stampings, markings, logos, and their locations?
Hi, I'm trying to make my '67 Firebird 326 H.O. as original as possible, and regarding wheels all I can find no matter where I look are reproductions. According to my PHS documentation, the car was delivered w/ the standard 14x7" steel wheel w/ hubcaps. These would be fine if I could find them, but what I'd really like for normal driving is the original, optional 15x7", or 15x8" mag-type wheel (I don't recall the name exactly), which just had small center caps, as opposed to the full wheel hub caps for the 14's (they weren't offered in '67 to my knowledge, but approx. from '68-'73, allegedly). Is this stuff about a 15x7" or 15x8" "sport" or "mag" wheel as a factory, or dealer option even true? I would only consider them if they can be found as original GM wheels. I really like how they look, and I'd love to have a set, but if they cannot be had as original GM, then I'll stick to the 14's. Oh, and on that note, can anyone direct me maybe to a web site or other source that can show me what to look for as far as original GM stampings on the actual wheel variations have to look like, so I know what I'm looking for when I'm offered wheels at shows and events?
Thank you everyone very much for your time! Oh, and should I not be using the forum as a "greenhorn" (just signed up) correctly, I'd appreciate a polite comment telling me what to change - thanks! One more thing: I puposely posted on a coulple GM makes to increase attention to my question since it probably applies to more.
posted: May 13, 2018
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