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14 years ago in CADILLAC
Hello im in need of some help here, I just got a 1993 STS, and when driving it, It wont leave 1st gear It goes in to park and revise fine,no errors are coming up. can this be caused due to a wiring hardness problem? or somthing smaller or new tranny is needed?
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13 years ago
I'm suprised no errors coming up. Make sure you have someone check your PCM and BCM for codes. Automatic transmission: 4T60E transmissions may drop out of drive while cruising, shift erratically, or have no second, third, or fourth gear because of a bad ground connection for the shift solenoids. Poor grounds also allow wrong gear starts. (1991-93) Recommend you go to a dealer and ask for them if you could access their bulletins for the correction. Your solenoid pack may also be wiped out. GM's 4T60E's were notorious.